Face to Face Meeting Hosted by Duke

On October 4, Duke hosted a face to face meeting for the Mid South Clinical Data Research Network. Topics discussed included Marketing and Outreach, Stakeholder Engagement, Informatics, Sustainability, and the forthcoming PCRF. All the attendees enjoyed hearing remarks and presentations from Drs. Iain Sanderson, Russell Rothman, Jacquie Halladay, Rob Califf, Crystal Cene, Arlene Chung, and Tim Carey, as well as Kellie Walters, Keri Wolfe, and Melissa Basford.

Feature - 20171004_074944

Dr. Iain Sanderson of Duke University welcoming the attendees.

Feature - 20171004_075204

Dr. Rob Califf of Duke University reporting on the significance of the work our CDRN is doing.

Feature - 20171004_080046

Dr. Russell Rothman of Vanderbilt University Medical Center presenting on Mid-South CDRN clinical reach.

Feature - 20171004_080748

Kellie Walters and Jacquie Halladay of UNC Chapel Hill giving a CDRN Marketing and Outreach update.

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Mid-South CDRN Stakeholder Engagement Team representatives attending the annual Mid-South CDRN Face-to-Face meeting in Durham, North Carolina. Pictured from back row left: Kellie Walters, Bob Stevens (Patient Investigator), Tene Hamilton-Franklin (Stakeholder), Jacquie Halladay and Janice Wells (Stakeholder); front row from left: Jacquelyn Favours and Rowena Dolor.

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