STAR CRN partners include a diverse range of patients, clinicians, investigators, community partners, caregivers, and advocates who contribute a wealth of individual lived experience and expertise. Our partners provide meaningful, comprehensive feedback to STAR CRN leadership, operations, and investigators that helps shape the development and implementation of person-centered outcomes research and intentional, right sized engagement leading to the goal of enhancing relevant research for health decisions and increasing the desired health outcomes of the patients and communities we serve.

Types of Partners

Patient Partners

STAR CRN patient partners are involved at multiple levels and

include a diverse range of patients, community partners, caregivers,

and advocates who contribute a wealth of lived experience and

expertise. Our partners provide comprehensive guidance to STAR

CRN leadership, operations, and investigators to help shape the

development and implementation of person-centered outcomes

research and engagement best practice to increase desired

health outcomes. Support is available to

 STAR CRN collaborators requesting resources on engaging patient

 partners and guidance on developing patient-centered study plans. 

Industry Partners

STAR CRN has collaborated with industry partners such as

Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Amgen, and

others. Industry partners that collaborate with STAR CRN have

access to a diverse patient population and with a proven track

record of real-world evidence research and clinical trials.

 Government Partners

STAR CRN collaborators are given the opportunity to receive

planning support for grant submissions with various government

agencies, such as the National Institute of Health (NIH), National

Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK),

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and many others. 

Community Partners

STAR CRN is committed to building community trust and bi-

directional partnerships with the shared goal of improving

community health. Community partners include health and social

service providers, community health organizations, faith-

based organizations, public health agencies, health

advocacy groups, community health workers, federally qualified

health centers, and health-focused coalitions. Support is available to

 STAR CRN collaborators requesting resources on engaging

community partners and guidance on developing engagement and

dissemination plans. 

 Research Partners

STAR CRN provides guidance for designing, implementing, evaluating,

and disseminating the results of research projects. Research partners

of STAR CRN are provided a broad array of support related to

regulatory issues, governance,data privacy, patient

partner engagement, and access to the Common Data Model that

provides synchronized data from STAR sites 

Our Patient Partner Stories

Partner Resources

A Multilevel Approach to Stakeholder Engagement in the Formulation of a Clinical Data Research Network (Including Figure 1Continuum of Community (Stakeholder) Engagement in Research)

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STAR Patient Centeredness of Research Scale

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Community Engagement Studio

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Engagement Guidance & Resources For Patient-Centered “Data-Only” Studies (several relevant links and includes Appendix 1. Person-Centered Return of Research Results table (aka dissemination matrix).

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STAR CRN Glossary

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Return of Value

Consuelo H. Wilkins shares what return of value in healthcare research means and why it is important to consider what will be shared with research participants after a study is complete.


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