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The STAR CRN (formerly known as the Mid-South CDRN) encompasses eight health systems servicing three main regions: 1) Vanderbilt University Medical Center
(VUMC), 2) the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN), 3) Meharry Medical College (MMC), 4) Duke University Health System, 5) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 6) Wake Forest Baptist Health, 7) Health Sciences of South Carolina, and 8) Mayo Clinic, headquartered in Minnesota. With data on over 12 million patients, the STAR CRN network consists of academic health centers, community hospitals and a range of outpatient practices including primary care, specialty practices and safety net facilities that serve diverse populations. Through this network, we have access to a broad array of clinical data, informatics tools, patients, providers, and systems to address an array of research questions. The objective of our CRN is to robustly support comparative effectiveness studies, pragmatic clinical trials, health system innovation, and the other research needs of our stakeholders and partners. Our network is particularly focused on research to improve health in the southern United States which has the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and other conditions, as well as significant disparities in health status and health care delivery. 

Our services

Pragmatic Research

Our sites can lead or participate in pragmatic clinical trials, observational research, and real world evidence research.


Stakeholders ranging from physicians to patients to community members assist throughout the life of the project .


All of our sites store data in a Common Data Model (CDM) to streamline data use. Linkage to other data sources enhance the model.

What else we provide

National Coverage

From Arizona to Florida, our data covers a wide range of populations.

Novel Tools for Data Analysis

The Common Data Model provides investigators the power of being able to compare apples to apples across multiple sites.

Streamlined Regulatory Processes

SMART IRB, Data Use Agreements, and Contract Shares are available to aid in the regulatory process.

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The infrastructure provided by the STAR CRN supported multiple aspects of my research. We were able to obtain feasibility counts, including proportions of underrepresented groups, and to connect with diverse clinics from a wide geographical area who were all interested in research. Throughout our trial, the STAR CRN infrastructure will enable us to leverage health record data for recruitment, data collection, and retention. This will support our ability to engage more underrepresented groups in research to advance equity and learning.

Lindsay Mayberry, MS, PhD

Vanderbilt’s success in enrolling patients in the ADAPTABLE trial has been a true team effort. Our success has only been possible because of the invaluable research infrastructure that has been built, maintained, and continually improved here in the STAR CRN. We have shown the country what is possible when multi-disciplinary experts collaborate to identify, contact, and enroll patients in pragmatic clinical research.

Daniel Muñoz, MD, MPA

My twenty-eight years of working on a local and national level of health advocacy have allowed me to participate in the work of program design and implementation, primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, health literacy, policy development, and community and patient engagement.  I have had the opportunity to work with the PCORI foundational leadership and the PCORnet team from its inception some ten years or more. I have worked as a community co-investigator and patient partner with the STAR CRN. My work is rewarding to me personally and beneficial in the ways I serve my community. It is with great pleasure and delight that I offer my support and endorsement of the work of the STAR-CRN.

Neely Williams, M.Div


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