ADAPTABLE and the Patient Experience


Recently, Linda Brown from Columbia, TN shared her story with the ADAPTABLE Team.  Here’s what she had to say:

“Fortunately for me, my heart disease has been relatively minor. A single event and new medication has made my life relatively unchanged. However, my family history has a different story. All male members on the paternal side of my family have had early cardiac problems with many early deaths. My father had his first heart attack at age 39 and passed away at age 65 after bypass surgery, several more heart attacks, and two major strokes. For as long as I can remember, watching my father take a deep breath or lay his hand on his chest would stop me in my tracks. I was always worried it could be his last day. And, soon my worry was about my brothers, uncles, and cousins who, one- by- one became victims of heart disease.

When I was asked to become part of the ADAPTABLE study it was like a call home. I thought maybe I could help other cardiac patients. Every month of work with my fellow Adaptors, I have become more comfortable in a world of research that is very far from anything I have done. Dipping my toe in this pond has been rewarding in many ways that have ended up improving my life. In a way this has become a hobby for me. Right up there with sewing and reading, decorating and gardening, ADAPTABLE is a joy in my life.

Recently I have become a PCORI Ambassador. That has piqued my interest in what a difference this Southern California Valley Girl can make and adds another layer in learning about this new world.

In the last five years I have focused on being the best I can be. For me I must concentrate every day on healthy diet and exercise to keep my mind in a healthy place. I have lost nearly 70 pounds. I make a daily effort to reach 10,000 steps, and I try eating a healthy diet.”


For more about the ADAPTABLE study and to view a video of Linda, please see the ADAPTABLE study website.

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